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The Digital Copywriter Reality Blog comes straight from a writer just like you!

Twice a month our Reality Blogger shares their progress toward their goals, new lessons they’ve learned, things they’ve tried that have worked, and setbacks they’ve experienced along with the steps they’ve take to overcome them.

This is one writer’s raw journey toward accomplishing their next big goal. It’s useful and informative, but most of all it’s inspiring.

Meet Your Reality Blogger

Suzanna FitzgeraldSuzanna Fitzgerald is a working digital copywriter who helps her clients clarify their marketing messages, increasing their online visibility, their clickthrough rates, and their overall engagement.

Here, on Digital Copywriter, Suzanna is sharing her journey to a goal that’s dear to her heart — to be in the financial position to help her parents buy the home of their dreams. And she’s taken a unique approach, breaking this ambitious goal into 21-day challenges. Each month, Suzanna shares how the previous month’s goal went, what she learned along the way, and how it’s helped to grow her business. And each month, she shares what her next goal will be, why she’s chosen it, and how she’ll tackle it.

Suzanna shares her hard-won lessons, her victories, and her progress with a good dose of down-home charm, humor, and humility. It’s an enjoyable, inspiring journey you won’t want to miss.

Suzanna's Latest Entries

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