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Digital Copywriter…

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for Digital Copywriters

Launching a freelance copywriting business is hard work.

And because there are so many opportunities and options, sometimes it can feel like your hard work isn’t producing the results you want.

At Digital Copywriter, we get it. Because we are digital copywriters.

Just like you, our contributors and experts write web pages… we write for social media… we craft email marketing campaigns… we put together content marketing strategies and then write the content for them… we help our clients create successful pay-per-click ads… and so much more.

Sometimes it can feel like there’s an impossible amount of information you need to know, that everything changes too fast, and that there’s always one more skill to master.

Digital Copywriter is here to help you make sense of it all.

Originally launched as Wealthy Web Writer in 2010, the goal of this site has always been to provide aspiring and working freelance digital copywriters with the resources they need to design and grow a business that is perfect for them.

That picture is different for everybody. It’s different for you.

And our mission is to give you a central place where you can come to get your bearings and keep them… so you can grow into the writer you always knew you could be.

Workin’ 9 to 5, It’s No Way to Make a Living…

And these days, it doesn’t have to be how you make a living.

The web is full of opportunities for a writer like you.

You can write for e-commerce sites, crafting product pages and fulfillment email series.

You can write blog posts and articles, helping your clients extend their reach and increase their brand awareness.

You can specialize in social media… become an expert email writer… or tackle a newer specialty like user experience copywriting.

We’ve put together a team of core contributors who work hard to give you what you need to keep your skills sharp and to stay on top of what’s changing in terms of technology and trends.

One Is the Loneliest Number…

Working as a writer — especially as a self-employed freelancer — can get a little lonely sometimes.

That’s something everyone on our team has experienced.

That’s why we want Digital Copywriter to be more than an extensive resource library… We also want to give you a place to connect with other writers facing challenges similar to yours.

Our community gives you a place to celebrate your wins with others who know what a big deal they really are. Or you can rant about your frustrations to a sympathetic audience.

You can ask questions, request feedback… and make friends.

Get Your Hands a Little Dirty…

The Digital Copywriter team is pretty into finding ways to help you grow as a writer.

Every quarter we give you a Practice Assignment using a fictional client brief. This is a way for you to practice client work in a real-world-like setting. Plus, we do a review of selected submissions, so you might get professional feedback on your work. And even if you don’t, you’ll get to see the review of other people’s work, which can help you refine your approach and technique.

And every quarter we launch a challenge meant to help you grow your business and stretch out of your comfort zone. This is another opportunity for you to get a little hands-on experience… and in this case, you might win a cash prize!

A Team That Cares About Your Success

You won’t find any bigger cheerleaders for your success than the team behind Digital Copywriter.

Managing Editor Heather Robson has worked with hundreds of writers, teaching them blogging, user experience, digital copywriting, SEO, and more. Her commitment is to get you the resources you need to succeed and to nurture the community you need to support you as you grow.

And the Digital Copywriter community also has the entire AWAI team behind it. Which means you have dozens of people who are pulling for your success and excited for every win you achieve, big or small.

Start getting to know your new writing community today, for free.

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