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Master your inner game. From staying on task to approaching clients with confidence, from setting goals to establishing a healthy work life balance… this is where you’ll find what you need to stay inspired, motivated, and overflowing with ideas.

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Member Update: Routine or Rut?

Are your routines turning into ruts? Here’s how to tell… and what to do when your trusted routines start to feel stale…

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The Amazing 50-Minute Focus Technique

Think about the last time you did some work on a client project. Were you “on”, totally focused and absorbed in the work? Or, did you find yourself occasionally answering the phone, checking email, grabbing a coffee, or what have you?


How to Make Great Clients Call You First

Start using a public expertise strategy and put your digital-copywriting career into the fast lane… when that happens, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your business grows.

How to Harness Your Writing Muse

Muses have their history in ancient Greek culture. They were the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. Having a good relationship with your own Muse can help you write more often… and better.

Member Update – Honest Urgency

Adding urgency to your copy will make it more effective… but some types of urgency work better than others. Here are three ways to weave natural urgency into your copy.

A 5-Step Process for Better Writing – Part 2

Revision, editing, and proofing are distinct steps in the writing process. Give each step its due to take your writing from good to great… or from great to brilliant.