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Does Google Want You to Choose a Niche?

Not too long ago, Google added “creator reputation” to their guidelines. What that means is that it could really pay off to pick a niche. See how…

Attending a Live Event? Read This First…

Attending live events is an effective, proven way to grow your business. You’ll learn new skills, make new connections, and increase your value, all in a single go.

Member Update: It Adds Up

One way to reach your biggest goal is to give yourself more time to do it by planning smaller tasks to accomplish each day.

Do Copywriters Need a Business Plan?

Even as a solopreneur, a business plan will help bring clarity to your plans for your business. With that clarity, you’ll be better equipped to market your services with confidence and to continue growing your business.

Unlocking the AI Muse: Idea Generation With ChatGPT

Explore how to use ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas. But remember, at the end of the day, it’s your human touch that breathes life into the words and connects with readers on a deeper level.

Member Update: Lean Into Your Senses

Want to engage your reader better? When use more sensory language, you give your reader the “feeling of being there”. Learn how to write better descriptions by tapping into your senses.