There’s no better way to see the benefit of a Digital Copywriter subscription than to see firsthand what subscribers have to say about their own experiences. Here’s what just a few of our members have shared …

About Digital Copywriter

“The Digital Copywriter provides everything a copywriter could possibly need to stomp out that fear, take it out of your vocabulary, and replace it with confidence for success — all in a one-stop cornucopia of information, learning, and advice designed in an organized, relevant and easy-to-use format.”

Anna Wilson, web copywriter, California

“I’m a member of a number of membership sites. The Digital Copywriter delivers more than most membership sites out there. Some membership sites only have one webinar or teleseminar a month. But, we have a least one a week —- sometimes we have two in one week!”

Lexi Rodrigo, Windsor, Ontario

“At first I thought it wouldn’t (be beneficial) because I have so many years of experience, but it turns out I’ve learned a lot from it. The webinars are high quality because they are put on by people who are sharing experiences from actually being in the trenches and doing it. Plus, it gives me a place to network and keep current on what’s going on in copywriting. It’s wonderful. I’m very impressed with what they’re doing with it.”

Sue Keeler, Oneonta, New York

“One of the things that’s particularly difficult for me is — I can promote somebody else’s products and services, but I have a wicked hard time promoting myself. So several of the Digital Copywriter folks have been very helpful to me — helping me focus my “About” page on my website and define myself more effectively.”

Susanna Perkins, Orlando, Florida

“What I find the most helpful about Digital Copywriter is the incredible growing instructional material. I consider the information and the network of writers essential for me in this stage of my professional growth. It helps me navigate the new writing landscape and gives me access to information, inspiration and support.”

Christiane Marshall, Caldwell, Ohio

“When I started with the Digital Copywriter in January I knew they would be adding content and have a lot of good information on the site. It’s done all that. But what I didn’t expect it to do was increase my belief level so much. Seeing all the different content and all the people who are succeeding at this, having them share their knowledge and their information so generously, really convinced me that I absolutely can do this.”

Deborah Barber, Payson, Arizona

“Being a member here will help to ease that lonely feeling, that fear of making a mistake, that fear of not knowing enough. I want to be a $100,000 per year copywriter instead of $1,200 a year copywriter. Digital Copywriter will give me what I need to realize my dream and be the woman, the mom, the copywriter I want to be …”

TaKeshia Watson, North Carolina

“With the peer reviews and case studies within the platinum level of the Digital Copywriter, I can better judge where I need to improve to be great in this profession.”

Beth Robinson, web copywriter, Pennsylvania

“The connections I’ve made as a copywriter have been the single biggest factor in growing my career. This website will let me connect with other web writers and share in-the-trenches battle stories, swap tips and best practices, and give and receive feedback from writers in the know. Gaining these connections will pay off many times over through my career.”

Roy Furr, web copywriter, Oregon

“For me, just getting started has been the biggest hurdle. I can’t figure out how to actually START! I have seen a few opportunities, but don’t feel qualified to even attempt it. Being an ongoing member of the new Digital Copywriter website will open new opportunities for me.”

Lynda Ehrich, web copywriter, Florida

“I often hear from writers who are frustrated with the copywriting information that they’re finding online. Although there is a lot of free information about how to become a copywriter, how to write for the Web, etc., it’s often outdated, unreliable, or just plain wrong. Additionally, there wasn’t any site that provided the latest best-practice information paired with videos, conference calls, and access to industry-leading experts. Until now. I think any writer — whether she’s just starting out, or she’s been online for years — can benefit from the Digital Copywriter site. You’ll gain access to a community of people who are rooting for your success — plus best practice writing information from a source you trust. Your membership is a great investment in you and your business.”

Heather Lloyd-Martin, SEO

“To be a part of this community would mean that I wouldn’t feel so alone working on something new without any guidance. I would get a sense of camaraderie that I probably wouldn’t find anywhere else.”

Monique Poche, web copywriter, Colorado

“My Digital Copywriter membership compliments and enriches my copywriting education and can be your ticket also to a better life. Join me and so many others as we share the journey together.”

Joe Goodale, web copywriter, Arizona

“I can’t imagine running my business without being part of this valuable resource.”

Pam Foster, web copywriter, Oregon

“Archie Bunker used to tell Edith it’s a jungle out there. I think that description suits the Internet very well. I don’t need thousands of answers to one question, and am very grateful for Digital Copywriter. Most times I barely get a good grip on one concept before I get hit with a new one. Now that I’m part of Digital Copywriter, I can skip all the aggravation and go straight to the source for any answer I need.”

Anna Morris, web copywriter California

“Writing can be a lonely occupation. You can spend all day squinting at 12-point type, trying to squeeze the next word out of your tired brain. If you have a question or get stuck, the only person to ask for help is Google who will give you 100,000 … you figure out whose advice is the best. Having a one-stop resource that can answer my toughest questions will let me spend less time lost on Google and more time on the fun parts of writing.”

Henry Bingaman, web copywriter, Pennsylvania

“As a freelance online writer or copywriter, one can often feel isolated. And when you reach out for information, advice and support … you don’t know where to turn or whom to trust. Digital Copywriter fills that gap. It provides you with resources and support from within a trusted community of experts and peers. Within that community, we can take care of one another. This is golden, because across the web as a whole, there are too many distractions, too many scams, and too many ways to become distracted, disoriented, and lost. I hope to see you on the inside.”

Nick Usborne, web guru, Montreal

“It’s like anything. You get out of something what you put into it. If somebody is going to collect a bunch of information and sit on it, no, of course it’s not going to help. But, if somebody is looking for information, motivation, encouragement, and maybe some increased confidence so they can actually put the information to work for them, then it’s definitely a good investment.”

Susanna Perkins, Orlando, Florida

“I must have asked (Digital Copywriter Administrator’s) Sid Smith ten different questions about a Word Press blog that I was putting together for a friend of mine and he answered every one of my questions perfectly. It’s nice to know you’re not alone and there are people that have been there before and are willing to help you.”

Anthony Jackson

“I like that it has business-building tips and advice that you can’t really find anywhere else. Things like how to communicate with clients, up-sell them — really practical advice on how to become a web writer and how to make a good living at it.”

Lexi Rodrigo, Windsor, Ontario

I am writing to say thank you for your updates. Continue to keep us posted too.

It is inspiring to read about the life-transforming stories of regular, common folks. They took the plunge and reaped the rewards from AWAI.

Their lives were less than stellar–dull, boring, frustrating–and then AWAI happened. The rest, as they say, is history.

I find such personal stories both illuminating and inspiring at once: just like rags to riches stories.

Your updates are lively and fun to read.

I like your writing style too: it is reader-friendly. And the language is fluid, simple and functional–communicable.

Archan Mehta

The Platinum Membership of the Digital Copywriter seems to offer a host of new ideas and potential open doors. I am pleased to spend time exploring the site and its information.

LB, Texas

I’ve completed the 6 figure AWAI course two years ago. I’m just now setting up my web site. Analysis paralysis, web hopping, and, reading all that I could had taken it’s toll on me. When I joined the Digital Copywriter community, BAMMM,! I was suddenly in the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you.

Warwick Occomy

Thanks for all of your advice! Your Digital Copywriter website is awesome! It’s hard not to have information overload.

I appreciate this so much. AWAI you all are just awesome. I have never really set goals before I would just go along with things as they come. I am very grateful for all this information and it has given me a lot to think deeply about and really become and do something of value.

Charmaine Smith

I’ve been a WWW member for a little over a month — it has been an AMAZING resource for me as I start to launch my freelance business. I am on the site every day (at least once) and have learned a ton! Can’t wait to get more involved.

Marissa Bishop

Thanks for this valuable info – it is truly appreciated.

Kayte Ryan

This is extremely helpful information. I would have been a successful freelance trainer in the 90s if I had known these things at that time. Non-paying clients (taking advantage of a handshake agreement) killed the business. I learned from my mistakes, but I didn’t get over the fear of repeat offences. This set of articles gives me the information, and courage, to try again! I offer my most sincere “THANK YOU!”

Deborah Carr

Every month there is an article or video that in my mind justifies my membership fee.

Anthony Jackson

I’d like to thank everyone at AWAI for this awesome site!I know deep down that without WWW, I’d still be struggling in the back of the pack!


Outstanding!! It is put together like a treasure map. Thank you.


There is such great information on the WWW site! Everything you need to know to get started.

Christine Loff

Many thanks to Digital Copywriter for always providing high quality content and guest speakers!

Misty Suggs

“Being a Digital Copywriter Platinum Member is like being Scrooge McDuck going for a swim in his money bin. It’s an excellent spot to learn about all the options available to copywriters before they make any heavy decisions about choosing a niche or focusing on a medium or specializing in a format. There are hundreds of articles and webinars on every web-writing topic. Whatever question you have, you can find answers in the archives and advice from fellow copywriters in the forum.”

Chase Canyon

About Digital Copywriter Events and Content …

“This article gave me some great ideas for a new angle in my business. “Consulting” is a great seed to plant in the New Prospects Mind. It always seems to bring the opportunity for more $ as clients who hire consultants are usually looking for help in multiple areas of their businesses.”

Shirley Filip

“Thanks for the tips. Following up with prospects is sometimes like walking on egg shells. We want to be enthusiastic, but not desperate, proactive but not pushy. I liked how you gave us exact wording we can adapt for our use.

I am also very happy with Pam Foster’s programs, both of which I recently purchased. She is so thorough and she doesn’t just cover how to get the job done, but how to interact with clients as well. I’m totally swiping her cover letters, proposals and reports!”

Alexis Rodrigo

“I really liked this article. It gave insight to some Twitter tools that I was not aware of previously.

I tweet at least 30 to 40 times per week (not on a daily basis), and currently use Tweetdeck. I like it, but know several professionals who use Hootsuite. I linked – from this article – to that site, and will now start using it! I may try the others just to get a “feel”.

Thanks, John, for a very informative article!”

Deborah Carr

“Now that was an awesome webinar by Jessica Kizorek … I can’t wait for part 2!”


“Everyone who was unable to be on the call should listen to this report when it becomes available. It is packed full of great ideas and doable suggestions to get you moving and get you clients.”

Cora Laine

“Monday Morning Jumpstart was a great beginning- but with work like the “Safe Cycle” presentation and this “3 Client-Attraction Strategies for the Faint of Heart” you seem to have tapped into a whole new level of expertise. Congrats and thank you very much.”

Lee Schwarz

“[3 Client-Attraction Strategies for the Faint of Heart] was a terrific seminar and I recommend it to anyone needing motivation to “get out there and do it!”


“Great article. From a newbie who’s trying to put up a website, all the SEO information will come in handy. It’s always nice to know that all the work you put into your website is paying dividends and doing what it should be doing.”


“Anyway, sorry for the rambling, I think this a great blog and you are doing an excellent job of giving everyone a feel for what it is like to be out on your own. I know I’ve learned a lot from you so far and I look forward to following your progress through the rest of the year.”

Matthew Troncone

“Great information. Thanks for all the work you did to get it for us. Just what I needed.”

Patricia del Valle

“This is a great article, and it builds on much of what is taught in the Accelerated Program. I am sure I’ll refer back to this article in the near future.”

James Hernandez

“As someone completely new to all this I found the article and video incredibly informative but easy to follow and understand. Thank you very much and please keep the articles coming.”

John Neill

On the Vegas Web Intensive:

“I’m exhausted and swirling from information overload. I’m in the process of sorting it all out, but the amazing thing is the energy that I now have. Instead of thinking what do I do now, I’m thinking where do I turn first, what can I get started on right now because I have so much to do, I’d better get going! Anyway, it was a great week and I feel AWAI outdid themselves on this one! Hope to stay in touch!”

Christine Butler

On C.J. Hayden’s teleseminar:

“This teleseminar is just what I needed. When I start something new, I like specific steps … Why? Because as I do them I develop good habits. Whether it’s learning to drive a car, preparing a nuclear cocktail… or copywriting.

Sooner or later it takes on the characteristics of a habit, or parts of it do. A mental checklist can become a habit.

I’ve learned that good habits … will see me through my toughest days. And I’ll more effectively make adjustments when a new situation calls for it.

CJ’s book and workbook are musts for me. They will enhance my awareness of a successful copywriting/marketing process.”

Patricia del Valle

On Mindy’s blog and the Web Intensive

Hi Mindy, it was great to meet face to face with you, Craig, and your babe, at the Intensive. I, also, came back fired up with energy and ideas and rarin’ to go – as well as totally exhausted at the same time – but in a good way.

Remembering one of your blog posts – I spent yesterday reorganizing my studio. Took a trip to Ikea on Saturday and picked up three of those high, narrow, CD shelving units, put them together, and placed all of the little bits and pieces that tend to float about the place each in its own cubby (might even label them some day). I now have a clear desk – well, for the moment – and it feels good!

What a fantastic week we had. Vegas? I think we all came out winners. Thanks to AWAI, I KNOW we did!

Ann Jordon-Mills

Great videos. Yes the Intensive was life changing and I agree with you that anyone who was unable to attend should pick up the home study package. You captured the event very well – even if it took you a couple of dozen tries.

The content was much better than I expected and I expected a lot from AWAI and Rebecca. Once again, both delivered. What will prove to be fascinating to watch is how Rebecca and company will meet or exceed the 2010 event in 2011.

Art Remnet

On the Become a Web Writer Tutorial

Thanks so much for this “how-to” series, Joshua. I’ve completed the assignments on these first 3 sections, and it’s amazing how much more in control I feel by doing, instead of waiting and wishing.

Deborah Barber

Roy, Your stuff is fabulous. Logical, effective, and simple to understand. Keep up the good work.

Murry Beaulieu

This is invaluable. Thanks so much Pam and Rebecca. As I am going through my list of major mailers and making calls, this list is so helpful in just getting started in conversation with each potential client. These are easy faux pas to commit in some cases, and in my eagerness to get clients, and my lack of experience, I could step in it so to speak, over and over, without these warnings. Thanks so much as always!

Cyndee D.

Very good session, I learned a lot of useful information that should help me get started in the B2B market.

Brent Roberts

This message is for Pam Foster.
I can’t begin to tell you how terrific your webcast was yesterday! I have your program “Site Audits Made Simple” and I am working through it. So….I didn’t expect to get so much out of your presentation yesterday (thought it would be more “salesy”) but it was fabulous!

Sonja Haggert

Hi Joshua

Your Part 2 Roadmap to Success is great. I feel it’s a privilege to have access to this information.

I have road blocks and few support systems in place, it’s like grabbing time when I can and working/learning this way is basically becoming an energy drain.

I’m sitting in front of my calendar, right now, and planning the rest of this month. My phone will be off (voicemail works) during the times I set aside.

And at the end of the month I will evaluate how this new schedule works.

Thank you

Coralaine DeCoe

Thank you Sid for this great article! I’ve been down the painful road of trying to find a suitable user-friendly site building tool, with so-so results. I want to launch a new website in the next few months and was preparing for more headache-inducing work. Now I’ll be looking into WordPress as a definite option!

Marie-Claude Ethier

What a great article. I really like what you said about research, ‘Research is also critical for building proof and credibility, and for coming up with ideas that will make sure your copy resonates with your reader.’

Julie Gruber

So very informative, Joshua. You pretty well covered it all.

Ruth Santos

I like everything that Jay White says about creating autoresponder copy/emails. I always stop and listen to him.

Lynda Davis

Excellent information – I’m trying to see how to get several blogs going that will inform and earn at the same time. This has answered several questions I’ve had. Thanks!

Jeanne Hawks

Nick Usborne gave a very interesting and informative program on becoming an online copywriter. It is something I will definitely give more attention to when selecting just where my interests will be best served.

Michael Veglia

Thank you so much for the introduction to Pear Budget, John. I was just reading through Heather’s update piece before I closed down for the afternoon.

I decided to take a quick look at your article and 10 minutes later, I am all set up! I just need to fill in some figures that I will look up.

It is so simple and, frankly, just what I need. I have to confess that being well organized regarding detailed financial recording has not been my forte, but this program will put me well on the way PDQ.

Thank you!

Ann Jordan-Mills

I would like to thank Joshua for the Road Map series. This information has widened my horizon as a new copywriter. It gives me a clear route, to reach my destination, with less confusion, for creating web copy.


You’ve given me something to really hang onto, Joshua, as I work towards getting my first clients. Thanks for the series.

Scott Herby

This was a great issue and something I’ve been looking for. I look forward to the webinar today. Thanks.

Michael Veglia

To John Wood:

John: These two articles are fantastic – I’ve never seen most of this information before.

It says this is “not rated yet” – You deserve a *10* on a scale of 1-5!

Bill Cornish

To Joshua Boswell:

Joshua, You’ve truly given me the best Roadmap to getting this business of mine off the ground. Listening to this series has motivated me beyond the excitement that reading all the sales letters about copywriting could ever give (and they give a LOT!) There’s nothing more relevant that direct how-to’s and this series has got me moving. I plan to sign up for your MMJ coaching next.

One day I hope to meet you so I can shake your hand and thank you in person for the motivation and clear direction you’ve given… and by then I have NO DOUBT that I will be a six-figure copywriter… God bless you.

Stacie Moore

Cindy, thanks so much for this step-by-step path. Your suggestions line up with Joshua Boswell’s, again confirming that these methods work. I really appreciate the added detail you offer in researching prospective clients. There is lots to work with there and I am going to add all of it to my arsenal and start my attack today with new weapons! Thanks again for these insights.. and thanks again to AWAI for placing all these courses at our disposal so we can cram to prepare for each new challenge. As you and Lee have said: May the Switch Go Off Now!!

Cyndee D.

One more marvelous way that Digital Copywriter is enriching the knowledge base of each of us copywriters.

Milt Trosper

Outstanding article. Thanks for the roadmap for the client interview. Too often the project discussion goes off into SEO-land, Google rankings, and Adwords war stories. I especially like question 2, “Why now?” That question should expose all sorts of hot buttons with the client you can use to sell the proposal….

Christopher Lake

Thanks for going beyond the usual advice. I found the information on how to mine Google search results particularly helpful. Cheers.


Just wanted to drop you another line to commend you on the Digital Copywriter Job Board. I’ve been lurking on the board for the last while, content to study the postings that were there. But last week I finally took the plunge and decided to apply to at least one job. Imagine my surprise to find 4 different jobs that I was interested in and qualified for. I spent the rest of the evening working on my emails/applications and sent them in. Even if nothing comes out of them, I am pleased to have found so many jobs that I was interested in, so thanks!

Julia Borgini

Today I feel like a first prize winner! I just wanted to let you know that because of this challenge I am close to landing my first big assignment, and to say thanks to you and AWAI for helping me to succeed so much more quickly than I could have hoped. The challenge gave me the incentive to improve my whole professional website, but it was the “about me” page that had the greatest impact. I first contacted my prospective client through the AWAI job board. This client wanted, among other things, to make a series of short educational videos for lead generation on his product website. After reading my background summary he was somewhat interested in having me do the job, but the video bio on my website made him feel as though we had met personally. He told me that is what helped him decide to ask me for a proposal, and based on what he saw he also wants me to be the “talking head” in some segments for the series.

If not for your challenge, and for the helpful suggestions and Digital Copywriter articles, I would not have appreciated the full potential of my professional website as a self-promotional tool. The client’s comments convinced me that the work I did to improve the “about me” page was more than worthwhile. I sent my proposal out today and now wait for a response. Hopefully I will have a very solid assignment to report soon. Thank you again for your guidance.

Margery M.

I welcome these types of articles that summarize and highlight key points of writing great copy. With so much to read and learn, this proves to be a great reminder to the basic Copywriting course and COS Headlines course. I’ll read this one a couple times a month!

Jerry Bures

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the Digital Copywriter monthly webinar yesterday. It was the first time I’d been able to attend, and I’m glad I did. Thanks for all the great information, and your enthusiasm. It was quite infectious, in the most positive way. 🙂 In fact, last night after I got home from my day job, I spent the evening working on my personal direct marketing letter/email. It was one of the things on my to do list, but I’d be struggling with it for a couple of weeks now. But after hearing you during the webinar, I got right down to it and voila, an entire letter all written up. Thanks for the boost!

I also got some good ideas about possible articles for the website, which I’m hoping to submit over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again, and have a great rest of your week!

Julia Borgini

It’s great that this was the challenge this month. As a newbie, getting unbiased feedback on my website content is just what I need so I’m not so concerned about sending clients to see it.

Crystle Pishon

Just made some changes to my site incorporating Iain’s tips. Actually, tips is too soft a word…how about magic! Thanks Iain and thanks Susanna.

Nick Burns

Thanks for a great presentation Roy. There were so many great suggestions for starters and experienced people. I will take your advice to heart and hope others do too. My Digital Copywriter subscription/membership/”thang” is worth it because of webinars such as yours. Really!


Thanks so much for the membership meeting. You gave me a lot of information that I can us, things I didn’t realize were even available.


This is great…can I put a link to it in my blog? A credible 3rd party explanation of the hiring process for freelance Web writers. And, since Web writing is a relatively new field, I doubt too many businesses have thought about Web writing like this.

Nick Burns

I like this post – experienced my first “Aha” moment in months. Literally. Thank goodness it’s for building a beginner’s portfolio. Your writing style has flow with directness. To articulate well with basic words, plus create warmth, emotion, is an art form. We beginners read this topic with body muscles slowly tightening, usually in the stomach area.

Now – Aha, my portfolio is finally going to have some bulk.

Barbara McAllister

What a powerful discussion! Shaved at least 6 months off my initial learning curve. Got writer’s cramp just keepin’ up! Value


I now feel connected to my own website after stewing for hours about making it hang together. (Stewing is the right word–but it’s the only way I know how to work myself out of a muddle sometimes. (Finishing the website is getting easier! The sessions are outstanding.))

Natalie Blahut

…wow am amazed at “Build An Email List For Free.” this is cool stuff, just took Digital Copywriter for a $1 test drive and what I have learned in the past few days is just mind blowing. will definitely take up the $27 monthly fee.

S. Gwatidzo

If your Digital Copywriter subscription has helped you, motivated you, connected you, or otherwise benefited you … we’d love to hear about. Share you stories here.