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How to Rank a New Website Quickly on Google

It takes some work to gain traction on Google with a new website. There aren’t any easy shortcuts, but when you follow the right steps, you’ll start to see your site ranking more.

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Your 4-Step Guide to Adding Keywords to a Webpage

Keywords as useful signals for both search engines and users. When you add keywords to a webpage correctly, the right people will find you. Best of all, you can help your page get found in just four simple steps.

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How to Use Repurposing to Create New Content

Add value to your content creation services by repurposing your content for your client to use in other ways. See how fast you can come up with dozens of ideas based around a single piece of content.

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How Digital Copywriters Can Benefit from QR Codes

QR codes open up endless new marketing strategies… which mean more opportunities for digital copywriters like you. Get inspired by examples of how you can use QR codes for yourself or for clients.

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Understanding Cornerstone Content and Why It Matters

Understanding cornerstone content will level up your value with clients. You’ll be able to build them a highly useful, online asset that attracts targeted traffic and answers visitors questions.