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Member Update: Unplanned Conversations

A lot of good things happen when you have more unplanned, unscheduled conversations. But how do you have those “I just bumped into you” talks when you’re working at home? Find three ideas inside…

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Member Update: Going Small

Sometimes, you accomplish more when you go smaller instead of bigger. For example, if you have a hard time taking big vacations, start with small breaks, and build up…

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Member Update: Unexpected Opportunities

As you grow your business, you’ll discover that the more clients you have, the more opportunities come your way. But you don’t have to wait for opportunity to find you…

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10 Tools and Techniques to Help You Stay Focused

As a self-employed, freelance writer, one of the skills you’ll want to develop is the ability to stay focused on demand. Here’s you’ll find tools and techniques to help you achieve that end.

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Member Update: Routine or Rut?

Are your routines turning into ruts? Here’s how to tell… and what to do when your trusted routines start to feel stale…

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Member Update – Honest Urgency

Adding urgency to your copy will make it more effective… but some types of urgency work better than others. Here are three ways to weave natural urgency into your copy.

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A 5-Step Process for Better Writing – Part 2

Revision, editing, and proofing are distinct steps in the writing process. Give each step its due to take your writing from good to great… or from great to brilliant.