13 Lucky Things About Being a Freelance Copywriter

5 minute read

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably written a thing or two as an established writer, or you’re interested in becoming a freelance copywriter.

Who could blame you? It’s a fulfilling, lucrative, challenging career that can open doors you may never have considered… or even knew existed.

So, if you’re wondering just how much becoming a freelance copywriter can change your life, here are the 13 best things about being a freelance copywriter.

Number 1:  You call the shots.

You may currently be working in a structured environment, where there are:

  • Practices and policies you have to follow
  • Employees who are more senior than you
  • Scheduled reviews of your conduct and production
  • Disciplinary actions

You may have to punch a clock every day and deal with unpleasant office gossip.

As a freelance copywriter, you’ll be free from all of the above, because you’re in charge. You make the decisions, big and small, and steer the ship in the direction you want to take.

Number 2:  You decide what time to work.

If you’re an early bird and want to begin working at 6 a.m., or you’re a night owl and would rather after the sun goes down, you can. There’s no one watching the clock to see if you’re five minutes late.

Do you like writing proposals at midnight? Taking an hour and a half for lunch? Beginning the day at 4 a.m. and then catching a nap later? As a freelance copywriter, you can set your own clock without feeling guilty or anxious.

Sometimes you may be running on a tight deadline and need to burn the midnight oil. Since you’re your own boss, no matter how many hours you work, there won’t be a gatekeeper telling you there’s no more overtime.

Number 3:  There’s no commute.

Saving money on gas and parking is definitely a plus, but my favorite part about not needing to commute is… there’s no traffic! A freelancer can leisurely “commute” from breakfast table to desk with no risk of anyone getting road rage.

Number 4:  You can create your own environment.

Do you like working with your cat on your lap and your dog at your feet? Do you need to speed eat gummy bears to get into your best workflow?

Working for yourself gives you the freedom to work in an environment of your own making.

At a typical job, there are rules and regulations you have to follow… sometimes they even dictate what you can and can’t have on your desk. As a freelance writer, you can paper your walls with Hello Kitty or proudly display your paperweight collection. There’s no one to stop you!

Plus, there’s nothing chaining you to your desk at home. You can write in your backyard, while you wait for an appointment, or at a friend’s house. There are no limits.

Number 5:  You can choose your clients.

Whether your focus is writing white papers for B2B companies or crafting search-optimized blog posts, a major part of your job is working with clients. For example, my workday is packed with variety, because each of my clients is unique. (Yours will be, too!)

I have a client who I correspond with between 10 p.m. and midnight per his request. I’m a night person, so it works for me.

I’ve also had potential clients who just weren’t a good fit due to personality or other issues, so I didn’t pursue them.

When you work for yourself, you decide who you work with and what projects you take on.

Number 6:  You get to strategize.

  • Timing social media posts
  • Creating an outline for a blog
  • Crafting a pitch cover letter
  • Making decisions about your website
  • Knowing when to mention adding services to your contract

These are just a few ways you get to think about the client, what they want, what they need to achieve their goals, and how you’re going to deliver it.   

Number 7:  You never get bored.

You’ll do a Zoom introduction and finish a project one day, and strategize and talk to clients the next. One day you’re working at the local library, and the next under the shade of a tree at your local park.

You’ll have creative days, strategic days, administrative days, and days that are a mix of everything… but every moment, you’ll know you’re investing in yourself. And that makes even the boring tasks seem a little more fun.

Number 8:  You improve your craft.

Copywriting is writing squared. As you weave in SEO or brainstorm on a new social media concept, you’re improving your craft. Strategizing for ad work, podcasts, and making videos all add to your skillset.On top of that, every time you write – be it a long post or content for your website –  you’re getting better.

And, the writing you do for clients can carry over into other types of writing, too. As you get better at organization, pacing, flow, and holding attention, you’ll see your fiction, essays, and poetry get better, too… if you’re into those kinds of writing.

Number 9:  You meet incredible people.

You’ll talk to clients and vendors on a regular basis. Some clients you’ll work with again and again. You’ll meet other copywriters, too, and develop strong connections with your peers.

Your opportunities to mingle with other content writers and copywriters are wide open on the Internet. If you ever worry about spending too much time alone as a writer, you’ll discover there are so many ways to get to know people in your same industry… and other writers and marketers are pretty incredible.

Number 10:  You have the freedom to live your life.

If you want to leave work because a family member is sick or you need a mental-health day, you can. No need to get permission from anyone.

You can also go to events you might never have considered asking for the time off to attend. Love Comicon?… you can go. Want to see your niece’s dance recital?… that’s totally up to you. Need a couple of days off to celebrate?… well, anything… you’re the boss!

Number 11:  Your wardrobe is your choice.

There’s no dress code.

If you’re in the mood to get dressed to the nines in office attire, you can do that. Or, if your pajamas are all you can swing that day, that’s perfectly fine, too.

Number 12:  You’re building a brand.

How you position your company – its purpose, values, and mission – are all up to you.

You’re in charge of creating the way you appear to the world. Whether you’re working on how your website makes a visitor feel, spending a day taking the perfect photos for your social media profile, or planning an educational event for local business owners… you get to decide how to build your brand, and you can be as creative as you want to be.

Number 13:  You make an income writing!

You’re writing to make a living. If that’s been your dream, then freelance copywriting is one of the surest ways to bring it into fruition. Think about it… doing what you love to do on a daily basis while getting paid for it. It’s empowering.

And, finally…

Freelance copywriting is hard work. But, if you love writing, it’s enjoyable and rewarding. You get to be creative… you get to set your own course… you get to learn so much… and you can make a great income while doing it.

So, whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been at this awhile… keep these 13 benefits in mind… and keep building your dream.