The Power of Authenticity – Connect Faster with Your Readers

4 minute read

Have you ever wondered why some brands instantly resonate with you, while others don’t?

Could the secret ingredient be as simple as authenticity?

What exactly does being authentic in business entail?

The answers can be found in the Law of Authenticity from the book The Go-Giver, which tells us:  The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.

This principle isn’t just about trust and likability; it’s also the foundation for building an army of walking ambassadors and finding your differentiator.

As we continue exploring the laws from The Go-Giver, let’s recap what we’ve learned so far:

  1. Law of Valuedetermines your true worth.
  2. Law of Compensationdetermines your income.
  3. Law of Influencedetermines your influence.

Applying these laws can elevate your digital-copywriting business to new levels of success.

This article will help you continue to build on that success, by discovering your core values, earning trust through genuine conversations, focusing on relationships over transactions, and harnessing the power of referrals.

Let’s dive into finding your authentic voice.

Choosing a niche

On its face, choosing a niche seems like it should be simple.

Yet, many copywriters find it difficult. People with diverse backgrounds often worry that picking a niche will result in their missing out on clients and work that might otherwise come their way, and so they choose not to.

What about you? Do you have a niche?

If you’re finding it a struggle to choose yours, like I was, consider identifying your values first. The free tool, Think 2 Perform Value Cards, can help pinpoint your top five. This self-reflection can reveal your authentic writing voice, allowing you to align your business goals with your core values… and that can lead you to defining your niche.

Remember, letting your genuine personality shine through and sharing your stories will help you forge connections. Your niche could become part of your story. For example, when you think about successful copywriters, some are known by their niche, such as the newsletter guy, or the white paper guy, or the pet writer.

Building trust and authenticity

In The Go-Giver, Debra Davenport, a realtor, decides to quit after realizing the real estate game isn’t for her, but first she meets with one last customer.

On the drive to the house, she doesn’t use any of the techniques she was taught. She simply talks with the customer about anything and everything, and not much about the house they are going to see. To her surprise, the client bought the house.

Debra learned something very important that day. People skills are far more crucial than any technical skills you can learn. When she set aside the sales scripts she’d learned, and just talked with the client and listened attentively, a successful result for both of them became easy.

When it comes to having authentic relationships, your most valuable asset is you.

Be yourself. You are your unique selling point (USP), your differentiator.

Incorporating your core values into your business and writing ensures your authenticity. Some of my favorite writers – such as Ash Ambirge, Amy Porterfield, Ann Handley, and Donald Miller – each catapulted their business by letting their personality and unique voice become a part of their brand.

Each one displays authenticity in their writing, speaking, and social media.

Sharing your passions, values, and what makes you unique allows people to connect with you on a deeper level. This will make your business memorable and authentic. It will also free you from the burden of trying to be someone you’re not.

Shifting your mindset

If you’re an introvert, you might find networking to be challenging.

People awkwardly hand out business cards, share quick hellos, and move on, hoping to meet as many people as they can. They believe success comes from giving their business card to the most people.

But, The Go-Giver says to network in a more authentic, natural way.

Next time you’re at an event, instead of trying to collect business cards and meet as many people as possible, focus in on each person you meet. Ask engaging questions that show a real interest in the person and their business. Try questions like, “What do you enjoy most about your business?” or “How did you get started in (industry)?”

When you ask questions that invite positive responses, you show a genuine interest and create an uplifting experience for everyone involved in the conversation.

You might discover shared interests or common experiences, and that can become the foundation for a relationship.

Before you wrap up a conversation, don’t forget to ask how you can help their business succeed. This very question may lead to their telling you they need the skill you have, or how someone you know can help them.

Taking the time to do this makes your conversation memorable, because you listened to them and made them feel valued by taking an interest in them beyond their work. The next time they need a copywriter, they’ll likely reach out to you.

Creating loyal ambassadors

The Go-Giver teaches us to offer value well before discussing transactions.

These days people value experiences over goods more than ever, so creating exceptional client experiences is paramount. One statistic shows that between 2019 and 2023, people increased their spending on experiences by 65%.

You can create a better experience when you emphasize value, treat projects as partnerships, exceed expectations, are authentic in your writing, set clear expectations, and communicate openly.

For example, I worked to revitalize one of my client’s newsletters. By adding a few interesting sections and facts, we increased the open rate to 51.5%, higher than ever before.

Bringing these values into your digital-copywriting business will turn your clients into ambassadors who’ll spread the word and refer others to you.

Growing through your efforts

Authentic interactions are key to building strong, lasting relationships. Make sure you exercise these skills at your next networking event, in interactions you have on social media, and with your existing clients.

By nurturing relationships, and leading with value through personal experience, you can nurture your network and continuously generate referrals for your copywriting business.  

When you combine this approach with the previously discussed principles of giving more in value, serving more people, and placing others’ interests first, you set the stage for success.

Stay tuned for the fifth and final law, the Law of Receptivity, where you’ll learn the key to effective giving.