How to Make Great Clients Call You First

3 minute read

One of the important things to know about digital-copywriting success is you only need a handful of clients to do very well.

Even better, there’s a simple way to quickly attract more than a handful of high-quality clients to you.

By doing this one thing, you’ll:

  • Attract the kind of clients you want to work with most
  • Earn the highest possible writing fees for the projects you do
  • And, these clients will call you to see if you can fit them into your schedule!

What’s the secret?

Two words:  public expertise.

This works best when you’ve selected a niche to focus on. By having a niche — such as being an alternative-health writer or a writer for software-as-a-service companies — it’s easy for your potential clients to see you as an expert at what you do… and to see how what you do benefits them.

However, your potential clients can’t recognize your expertise, if they don’t know about it. So, they won’t come calling.

That’s why you need one more element to make everything come together and attract clients to you fast…

Effective promotion.

This is the “public” part of “public expertise.” And, it only makes sense, when you think about it.

You could be the world’s greatest writer of direct-mail sales letters peddling pet turtles… but, if no one knows about you, it’s like you don’t even exist to your potential clients!

That’s where self-promotion comes in.

When you become recognized as an “expert” in a given field, you gain instant credibility with potential clients.

That’s when clients will start calling you. That’s also when they’ll willingly pay more, because they cannot get your unique expertise anywhere else.

But, how do you become a recognized expert?

You have several options, actually…

Write a book on your expertise

It seems daunting — a whole book. But, we’re writers!

By writing a book illustrating your expertise, you showcase your strengths. Clients are reassured that you know what you’re talking about because, after all, you wrote the book on it.

Copywriting legend Bob Bly became famous after writing The Copywriter’s Handbook, and Dan Kennedy’s “No BS” books are on business owners’ shelves across the world. Both credit their books with helping propel their writing careers forward.

You don’t necessarily have to write a book on marketing, either! If you’re well-versed in using essential oils for healing, writing a book on the subject will make you the natural choice for natural-health clients seeking a writer.

Public speaking

Don’t faint just yet.

Even if you have severe stage fright, there are numerous ways of presenting your message to potential buyers!

Public speaking at industry expos and events related to your chosen niche is a great way to get exposure to business owners and decision makers who will hire you. And I encourage you to give it a try, but if you want to start smaller…

Maybe do a presentation to a dozen or so people at your local Chamber of Commerce.

But, if speaking to a live audience isn’t something you’re up for yet, consider being a guest on a podcast or on a business show broadcast through a local radio station. In both cases, often the show is prerecorded, so there’s only you and the interviewee on the line… no live public appearance to worry about!

Guest blogging

This is most effective when piggy-backing off the credibility of a respected website in your niche.

Writing guest blog posts on well-regarded sites where your audience spends time builds your reputation and, similar to books but in a slower, more measured way, continues introducing your expertise to your target audience. (If possible, keep the rights to republish those articles into a book later!)

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And more…

I could go on, but here are just a few more quick ideas:

Press releases.

Radio and television interviews.

Space advertising in industry publications — especially effective if you can get space in trade for editorial content with your byline, another Bob Bly-recommended method.

Don’t be afraid to get creative, but I suggest starting with a book, public speaking, or guest blogging. All three are effective, proven tools for building credibility as an industry expert.

Yes. They each take some work.

But they’re each very achievable. And any one of these strategies could put your digital-copywriting career into the fast lane… and when that happens, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your business grows.