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Member Update – Honest Urgency

Adding urgency to your copy will make it more effective… but some types of urgency work better than others. Here are three ways to weave natural urgency into your copy.

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A 5-Step Process for Better Writing – Part 2

Revision, editing, and proofing are distinct steps in the writing process. Give each step its due to take your writing from good to great… or from great to brilliant.

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A 5-Step Process for Better Writing – Part 1

The writing process has five distinct steps. If you skip any of them, your work won’t be as strong as it could be. Discover how to make the most of each step. (Part 1 of a two-part series.)

Understanding Cornerstone Content and Why It Matters

Understanding cornerstone content will level up your value with clients. You’ll be able to build them a highly useful, online asset that attracts targeted traffic and answers visitors questions.

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Creativity

Sometimes you find yourself in a writing rut… or completely out of ideas. When that happens try one of these five go-to strategies to get your creative energy flowing again.

Member Update: Important Announcements

Have you checked out these new, valuable resources on Digital Copywriter? They could be just the thing you need to level up your business.

15 Tips and Formulas for Writing Email Subject Lines

In the world of email marketing, the subject line is the reader’s first impression. And, just like book covers, readers judge subject lines all the time. Tip their judgement in your favor with these proven tips and formulas for increasing open rates.

A New Marketing Venture for You to Steal

One way to grow your digital copywriting business is to keep your eye out for new marketing ventures. If you see a problem, become the solution.

The Easiest Way to Be a Paid Local Hero for Freelance Web Clients

There’s a very strange phenomenon out there when it comes to local business websites… and it’s something SO EASY for you to fix as a web copywriter. You can even build your entire freelance web-copywriting career on this single phenomenon…

Member Update: What’s Holding You Back?

If your marketing isn’t working the way you want it to be working, the first step is to diagnosis the problem. See what’s usually behind marketing troubles, and how to solve the most common problems.

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