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Notes Out of Bootcamp – Daily Updates

It’s Bootcamp week! Check this post every day to get three takeaways from two presenters. That’s six actionable things you can do to improve your writing and your business every day while Bootcamp lasts!

How to Make Room for Better Freelance-Writing Clients

Making room for new clients is a part of running a business and not something to shy away from. If you do it strategically and professionally, it doesn’t have to be a painful process… and is actually essential to your professional growth.

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Member Update: Be Referable

Your existing network is one of your most powerful assets… and for many writers, one of your most overlooked. See how easy it is to earn referrals from the people you know.

How to Develop Affinity Marketing Partnerships

Affinity marketing is about collaboration. You may have opportunities with prospects you haven’t even thought of yet, opportunities that could bring you both more business.

Optimize Your Writing Business with Technology

As a writer, you attend to a lot of different tasks during the day. Chances are there’s an app or tool to help you with each one. Here you’ll find a round up of the best tools for writers.

How to Rank a New Website Quickly on Google

It takes some work to gain traction on Google with a new website. There aren’t any easy shortcuts, but when you follow the right steps, you’ll start to see your site ranking more.

Practice Assignment: Writing a Winning Homepage

A website homepage does a lot of hard work. It serves as a navigational hub and introduction all at once. It’s a challenging, fun project to take on. Try your hand at writing a homepage with this Practice Assignment.

Work Hard, Play Hard

When you work hard, it’s important that you play hard, too. Losing yourself in play boosts creativity and replenishes energy.