Member Update: When You Doubt Yourself

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I’ve been a full-time freelance professional for 20 years now.

I’ve proven to myself over and over again that I can land clients, that I can help clients, that clients like what I do, and that they’ll pay me for it.

I know the ins and outs of this business. I’m on top of what’s happening online and what’s changing in digital marketing. And I’m good with people.

But here’s the thing… even with all that going for me, I still have times when I’m filled with self-doubt.

Maybe you struggle with self-doubt sometimes, too.

That feeling of wondering what comes next… wondering if anyone will ever hire you again… wondering if you really have what it takes to succeed (even when you’re already successful).

Self-doubt happens. It isn’t fun, but it’s normal for a lot of writers. Even though it’s normal, it can still be a big problem. Self-doubt can steal your momentum. It can chisel away at your confidence, making you less effective in client conversations. And it can lead to feeling overwhelmed or paralyzed, which can wreak havoc with your productivity.

Fortunately, there’s a recipe for dealing with self-doubt.

Step 1: Admit that it’s happening

Like anything, self-doubt is easier to deal with when you’re honest with yourself that it’s happening. You can give a little thought to why it’s happening, but often that’s neither here nor there. Once you say out loud, “I’m struggling with self-doubt,” you’re ready to move on to the next step even if you’re not sure what triggered the unpleasantness.

Step 2: Review your accomplishments

When you realize that self-doubt has taken up residence in your headspace, spend a part of the day reviewing some of the things you’ve done that you’re especially proud of. Also, look back over the nice things your clients have said about you. Sure, you collect testimonials to help other would-be clients see that you’re good at what you do and reliable to work with, but they can serve a double purpose and also be a balm for self-doubt.

Step 3: Reach out to a colleague you trust

If Step 2 doesn’t fully banish your low feelings, talk to a fellow writer or someone else in the industry you trust… preferably someone who’s earned the status of friend. Let them know where you’re at and how you’re feeling and ask them to remind you that you’re capable and successful. It’s uncomfortable listening to someone sing your praises on command, but boy, it sure does help.

Step 4: Move forward anyway

The biggest problem with self-doubt is how it can stall your progress. Pick one small marketing action — making a new connection on LinkedIn, sending a pitch to a client, posting a new blog entry — and do it. Then do another one the next day. And the next. Keep at it, and not only will your self-doubt turnaround, you’ll likely find yourself with new work.

How about you? Do you ever struggle with self-doubt? What’s your recipe for dealing with it? I hope you’ll share in the comments.

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