Member Update – Do You Talk to Yourself?

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I think most writers do.

I have conversations with myself in my head all the time. In the car, when I’m alone, sometimes I have those conversations out loud.

Talking to myself helps me clarify my thoughts, come up with solutions to problems, and brainstorm new ideas.

It can also be a tremendously helpful writing tactic.

Next time you’re writing an article, web page, or report, give this a try…

Interview Yourself on the Page

In bold, type in a question you’d like to answer for your reader.

For example, if you’re writing about how certain habits can help women prevent osteoporosis as they age, you might start out with the question, “Why should women worry about osteoporosis after 50?”

Then imagine you’re talking to a friend and type out your answer.

As you do, you’ll convey your thoughts and stories on the matter. You’ll also relate the information you know. And you’ll discover what you don’t know. That’s all helpful in putting you on the fast track to completing a draft.

One Question Leads to Another

When you get done answering your first question, be a good interviewer and tease out more information by asking another question based on the answer you wrote.

In the example above, maybe you mention that one out of two women will experience a bone fracture after the age of 60.

So, your follow-up question might be, “Why is it that older women are at such a high risk of bone fractures?”

And then answer again. Keep repeating this process until you’ve thoroughly interviewed yourself on the topic.

Add Brackets for Research Questions

As you write your answers, you’ll occasionally realize you need to seek out more information. Maybe you don’t know what the role is of aging in women’s bone loss.

In that case, put a note in brackets, like this…

<<Why do women lose bone mass as they age?>>

When you’ve finished your interview, you’ll have captured your thoughts on the topic and created a list of research notes to pursue.

Taking this approach, I find I can get a decent rough draft down in a half an hour or so. The draft needs lots of editing and I’ll still have research to do, but it gets me to a finished product a whole lot faster without hurting the quality of my work.

Give it a whirl!

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Mark Your Calendar

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Also, don’t forget to submit your Practice Assignments by the 14th!

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That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!