Member Update – Honest Urgency

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We’ve all seen urgency in sales materials. The headline may contain an element of urgency, the offer most certainly does, and the call-to-action is often all about urgency.

Have you ever noticed that in some cases the urgency feels more natural than in others?

A classic way of creating urgency is by having a deadline after which a promotional offer is no longer available… Order by a certain date or miss the discount.

That kind of urgency is fine and effective. But it’s also arbitrary. When you’re weaving urgency into your own copy, it’s more effective if you can find a way to make the urgency natural and real. The next time you’re bringing urgency into a piece, try one of these techniques…

1. Tap into the season

If the product you’re selling has a seasonal element to it, tie the urgency into that.

Summer camp supplies, for example. If you’re helping a client sell backpacks for kids heading off to camp, you can talk about how they tend to disappear by the week before camp starts — all the favorite styles and patterns will be gone if they wait to come in and buy.

Or landscaping services. Lawns do better when they are fed within a certain window in the spring. Gardens do better when planted on a schedule. Trees do better when trimmed while the weather is cool.

Or HVAC companies. The best time to have a furnace serviced is before it gets cold.

The list goes on. Sometimes, the seasonal tie-in isn’t jump-out-at-you obvious, but if you can come up with one, the urgency you create won’t feel arbitrary.

2. Focus on the transformation

You can create urgency without being blatant about it. One source of subtle but powerful urgency comes from the transformation your product can offer.

If you’re writing about an educational product, for example — one that will increase your reader’s earning power — talking about how much more they’ll earn — and how much they’ll lose each month they wait — can create a powerful sense of urgency.

3. Use social proof

Fear of missing out is a real thing. If you highlight other people enjoying your product and seeing success with it, that also creates a sense of urgency.

Deadlines on promotions are just one way to add urgency to your copy. Try integrating these other methods as well to give your readers a real sense of the benefits of saying yes to your offer… and doing it fast.

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