Member Update: It Adds Up

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Working in a digital landscape can lead to some mindset hiccups that hold you back.

When you spend a lot of time online, it’s easy to develop the belief and expectation that things happen fast.  

And sometimes they do.

You can order a package from Amazon this morning, and depending on your location, you might have it at your doorstep by this afternoon.

If you’re feeling bored, you can find entertainment via Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Instagram, Twitter, or what have you with just the click or two of your mouse.

Want to know who that actor is in the show you’re watching and why he looks familiar? IMDB or Wikipedia will give you answers in under a minute.

Have a question for your best friend? Just send a text…

You can access information, entertainment, inspiration, and products faster than ever before.

Is it any wonder, when you start to market your services, you feel like things aren’t working if you don’t get an immediate result?

The other mindset that’s a hazard in our industry is feeling like you’re too late if you’re not an early adopter.

Don’t have a blog set up yet? You missed that wave.

Thinking about launching a podcast? Everybody’s doing it already. How will you get found?

Want to build a social media presence? Isn’t that a bit passé at this point?

These two mindsets can leave you feeling like nothing you try is working and nothing you want to try is really worth the effort because you’re behind the curve.

The truth is, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to find success in any number of ways… but you need to kick these mindsets to the curb first.

And the best way to do that is by consciously adopting a long view. Because if you take consistent action over time, it adds up. And when you take consistent, strategic action, good things will start to happen… so long as you just stick with it. 

Smaller Days

Let me ask you this… do you ever feel like you need to get everything done now, now, now and fast, fast, fast?

You have a book you want to write, and you feel like it should already be done.

You want to build a presence on LinkedIn, and you feel like you should already have 1,000 followers.

You’ve just come up with the name for your new website, and you already feel like it should be up and working for you.

When you have to get everything done as fast as you can, you may think the best plan is to break the work into big chunks with the goal of completing it in the fewest days possible. Then you set a deadline — and promise yourself you’ll hit it. 

But things come up, and within a day or two, you feel hopelessly behind.

You can change this by taking a longer view and planning smaller steps into your days.

What if, instead of trying to write 1,000 words a day in your book, you write 200?

It will take you eight months to finish your 50K-word draft instead of seven weeks. True. But if writing 1,000 words a day overwhelms you, and you keep putting it off, the slower “smaller day” progress will actually get you where you want to go.

One way to reach your bigger goals is to give yourself more time to do it by planning smaller tasks to accomplish each day.

Longer Streaks

When you commit to smaller actions each day, it’s easier to stick to it… And that means you can develop a streak. If you keep track visually by crossing days off a calendar, your streak can become a powerful motivator to continue making progress.

When you glance at your calendar (or your bullet journal or however you’re keeping track) and see that you’ve hit your target every day for the last three weeks, you’re going to be much more likely to hit your mark today, as well.

Longer streaks add up over time.

Work You Love

Finally, as part of taking a long view, try to focus on doing tasks you love, or at least enjoy.

Do you want to land five new clients in the next year? What can you do every day that is small and effective… and that you enjoy? It might be sending an email to a friend asking for a referral. It might be having a conversation on LinkedIn. It might be publishing to your blog or putting in a half hour preparing for your next podcast.

Do you want to be able to run a mile in eight minutes? Maybe you commit to an eight-minute run each day, and strive to get a little farther in that time each week.

Once you figure out this combination — small, effective, and enjoyable — you’ll be on your way to accomplishing big things… as long as you give yourself a long window to bring them to fruition.

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