Member Update – Pick a Path

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Happy Holidays!

As we head into this final week of the year, I’m going to keep this message short.

The other day, I stumbled across a discussion about the traps we fall into that slow us down on our path to success. One of the threads was about the fear of rejection. Someone warned not to forget its cousin… the fear of limiting your options.

Sometimes, it’s tempting to avoid making decisions because choosing one path means there are other paths we don’t take.

But you need to pick a path!

If you find yourself hesitating to commit to a course of action, reflect on if this is where the resistance is coming from. And then choose a path and follow it… at least for a while.

It’s when you make choices that good things start happening.

Introducing Our 2023 Reality Blogger…

We had four great contenders for our 2023 Reality Blogger and sure enough, we had a really tight race when it came to voting.

I’m happy to announce that Jennifer Ayling is our winner and will begin sharing her journey with us, starting right after the New Year… so keep an eye out for her first post.

And be sure to watch for Suzanna Fitzgerald’s final Reality Blog post on the 30th. Her journey has been a pleasure to watch, and I know it has inspired so many of you.

After the New Year, we’ll be back to our full-length Member Updates, too.

In the meantime, I hope you are able to enjoy a little downtime.

Happiest of holidays!