Reality Blog: 6 True Rest & Relaxation Techniques to Beat Hustle Culture Burnout

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  1. I’ve noticed that hustle culture is particularly hard on women. We have been hustled into all the unpaid work in the world. We are expected to show our loyalty in drudge work. And we often unconsciously enforce different standards for boys and men. Many years ago I shared a house with four others. I decided to leave. I was asked to stay, I noted that none of them had put my name on their 401-k. I left. It fell apart.
    I was self employed then as now, and the level of resentment and “ give the stay at home something to do, I can let my part slide because she likes the house clean for her clients” was outrageous. I was more often interrupted while reading or napping no matter what boundaries I set. I’m hopeful that the Millenials and GenZ can continue to insist on confronting this issue, for all our sakes.

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