Reality Blog: Why You Should Have at Least One Hobby

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  1. Suzanne, my hobby at one time was also photography.
    In my high school days, I dated a girl whose father was a photographer.
    He had a quite unique wedge of photographic activity working for the Pontiac Division of General Motors doing projects that became part of promotional material for the auto company.
    For example, one project I recall was taking a picture or really many pictures of a pair of gloves, a map and of course car keys (Pontiac keys), lying on a car seat.
    Actually the items were placed on a piece of fabric in his basement studio that looked like a car seat.
    He would work for hours taking many shots with the items moved to different positions with changes in lighting angles in order to achieve different effects.
    His diligence and enthusiasm peeked my interest in what was in the 1950s a very different set of skills than photography requires today.
    So to follow Mr. Dawson’s suggestion, I bought an Argus C3 camera.
    Now this camera like most mid range equipment of the day, used 35 millimeter film, and required a light meter to set the lens aperture and shutter speed to allow sufficient light to produce a proper picture.
    Over a few years I became quite proficient at taking pictures of all types of subjects and learning the nuances made possible by various shutter speeds and light adjustments.

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