Member Update: Trying New Things

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There’s value in trying new things. New things lead to new ideas, mental flexibility, mental toughness, growth, and often more satisfaction with your life overall.

When was the last time you tried something you’ve never done before?

I’ve had two new experiences since I wrote you last.

The first was sound bathing.

What, you may ask, is sound bathing?

I had no idea either. It’s a meditation guided by a person playing crystal bowls. The bowls hum at different frequencies and the resonance can help you reach a deeper level of meditation. It’s also supposed to be good at healing your cells.

In this particular case, the sound bath was being hosted by my rock-climbing gym. I’m a big fan of meditation, so I figured I’d give it a go.

Aside from having a lovely meditative experience, I came away from the event with ideas.

I was reminded of the power of resonance. Some of the crystal bowls rang in a way that felt like they were inside my head rather than on the other side of the room. When you resonate, you bring yourself into alignment with something, and it can create big results.

This is important to remember in business… especially as writers. This is an idea I can use in my marketing materials, in my approach to clients, and in the content I create.

I was also reminded that I don’t always like to draw attention to myself. The suggested meditation position for this particular sound bath was flat on your back and completely relaxed. Only, I’m old enough that lying flat on my back on a hard floor quickly becomes uncomfortable… not relaxing. It took me way longer than it should have to just roll onto my side (and it’s hard to meditate when you’re arguing with yourself about a silly, simple thing like that).

In my own business, I have to draw attention to myself. This lesson brought home that I might not always step up and do that when the opportunity presents itself, so I need to be aware of that.

My second new experience was snowshoeing.

I loved snowshoeing. For the first hour and a half. And then it got hard. And after it got hard, it got painful. (I didn’t take nearly so long this time to adjust my circumstances so I was more comfortable, even though it meant drawing attention to myself… and worse, to my snowshoeing shortcomings.)

But despite some struggle and discomfort, I’m glad I went. And again, I learned some things.

First, just a small change in how you do something can open up whole new avenues. My husband and I enjoy hiking, but he doesn’t like the heat, so summer hiking isn’t very appealing. That limits our hiking seasons to spring and fall. But with snowshoes, winter hiking becomes an easy option. (As long as we build up to it and don’t attempt a four-hour trek our first time out.)

I can easily see business applications for this. How can I tweak all the things I already do to create new opportunities for myself and my clients? I expect there are tons of ways, but I might not have asked this question if I hadn’t gone snowshoeing.

Second, mental toughness is important. And you probably already have more of it than you realize. Let yourself do things that make you uncomfortable, and you’ll quickly see you’re made of tougher stuff than you thought. And that means you’re capable of more than know.

So… just a few potentially business-changing and life-altering lessons from trying new things. Tell us in the comments what new things you’ve tried recently and what you’ve learned from them.

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